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Mikaeli Chamber Choir is a Stockholm-based choir with a broad and advanced repertoire. The choir consists of 32 experienced singers and has been led since the beginning in 1970 by Anders Eby, professor emeritus in choir conducting, and internationally active conductor and educator


The passion for Swedish choral music has led to a large number of premieres, commissioned works and personal relationships with our greatest choral composers. The choir and its conductor also have an interest in historical music that has contributed to a great breadth in the reporter's repertoire; the audience has been invited to listen to everything from female 19th century composers to renaissance polyphony.


The choir's collaboration with Swedish orchestras and soloists has been extensive and deep over the years. Mikaeli Chamber Choir has participated in about twenty recordings, radio broadcasts and concerts and productions on Stockholm's largest stages.


In an effort to carry on its tradition, the choir has also for many years arranged workshops and masterclasses with young conductors.


During its 50 active years, the choir has been an institution in Swedish choir life. Since July 2018, Mikaeli Chamber Choir has been operating as an independent artistic group.


Ella Stemme

Anna Grünfeldt
Maria Berkemar
Sofia Willner
Sara Franceschi

Kajsa Sundqvist

Maria Henningson
Jenny Ericsson Paul



Elinor Schang
Astrid Wilson Roldão

Jessica Kåhlin
Maja Lind

Johanna Pomo

Maria Eby von Zweigbergk
Karin Lindgren Jeppson
Ann-Louise Ulfsparre


Fredrik Wiberg
Niklas Mattsson
Ludvig Eby

Johan Mälman
Tobias Theorell
Tomas Aschan
Andreas Lüning
Jonas Lindström

Glenn Cavander
Magnus Clauson
Jesper Gavell

Vincent Wong

David Edvardsson

Johan Alvfors
Erik Sävenstrand
Jan Zedenius
Lars Cronsioe

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