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Anders Eby received his undergraduate musical education during the 1970s at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm with further conducting studies in Italy, the USA and France.


His field of activity can then be divided into three: church musician, conductor and educator.

As a choir conductor, he has been the artistic director of and guest conducted many

reputable ensembles and the list of all radio and disc recordings,

premieres, tours and concerts are long and rich in content.


To educate and enthuse new generations of choir conductors and singers

is close to his heart. Through all courses, masterclasses and not least through the work as a professor of choir conducting at  The Royal Stockholm Academy of Music (1994-2009) and the guest professorships in Düsseldorf, Basel and Zurich , the pedagogical visions have been developed and given results.


Anders Eby founded Mikaeli Chamber Choir in October 1970 - as a 21-year-old.

And Mikaeli Chamber Choir has been his own instrument for more than fifty years. They have developed together and made a long and exciting musical journey!

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