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Requiem Mass - Pizzetti
St. Clara's Church

Saturday 23 November at 18.00


Mikaeli Chamber Choir this time offers the great choir music - a cappella and in many parts. Music that fits in Klara Church's bright and sound-friendly acoustics.

For double choir, Judith Bingham has composed engaging lyrics about two friends, two outsiders on the streets of London who recreate the memory of an experience of Christ. An early work by Sven-David Sandström based on a theme by the baroque composer Telemann is followed by Pizzetti's huge mass - music in a beautiful, unique mixture of Gregorianism and late romance. And suggestive sounds in orthodox tradition may end the program. The Polish composer Penderecki has composed, like many before him, the famous text Song of Cherubin - mystery and rejoicing mixed with angelic praise.

Judith Bingham: Winter's Pilgrimage (2006)

Sven-David Sandström: Es ist genug (1986)

Ildebrando Pizzetti: Messi di Requiem (1922)

K. Penderecki: Song of Cherubin (1987)

Welcome greetings
Mikaeli chamber choir and Anders Eby


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