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Café concert, a musical salon
Mikaelskapellet, Karlbergsvägen 64, Stockholm

15, Sunday 29 September 2019


Café concert

A Musical Salon where Mikaeli Chamber Choir offers a wide selection of Swedish choir music: old and new - known and unknown!

Music by Lindblad, Bäck, SE Johanson, SD Sandström, Malmfors, Alfvén, Fryklöf, Edlund, Welin and others.


There will certainly be some solo performances and we are happy to have the pianist Carlos Murakami with us - who of course plays some languorous solo piece.

Admission is SEK 100 and then coffee and cake are included if you want to strengthen yourself during a break.

Take the chance to get acquainted with the Michael Chapel - we promise pure heavenly acoustics!

Mikaeli chamber choir on Mikaelidagen in Mikaelskapellet - what could be better!

Welcome greetings

Mikaeli chamber choir and Anders Eby

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